Friday, March 4, 2011

A Bit of Whimsy in Every Way

My inspiration for the day is pastel-colored things.  The lighter hues just uplifts my mood and brings a bit of whimsy to my day.  The lace top and shorts from Stella McCartney is just adorable and chic!  It combines the two trends for spring/summer - lace and pastel.  Here is Dries Van Noten's thoughts on his pastel shoe collection: “I always try to go further with my taste, to educate it and play with colors.  So this time we played with pastel colors which is not very easy because sometimes it’s too sweet and too peachy, and we need it to be more bright and more acid; it was a very interesting game!  But I think next season in our garden we’ll plant some pastel flowers, why not?”

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The Tillie Tote from Mulberry in nude makes the perfect handbag this season - functional with a delicate flair.  And of course, style does not begin and end with your wardrobe.  Go ahead and whip up some yummy cupcakes in your season-inspired kitchen.  Make style part of your lifestyle!

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