Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Little Apartment - The Before

So I finally got a call from the moving company letting me know that my stuff will be here tomorrow afternoon. YIPPPEEE!! For the past two weeks, my son and I have been eating over at my sister's house (lunch and dinner) and have been sleeping on an airbed; so I'm sure you can all imagine how excited we both are to finally have a bed to sleep on, a couch to sit on and a table to dine on.

I am itching to decorate my "little apartment" (as my son calls it). But I do face some challenges - how to make the apartment functional and how to make the larger pieces of furniture to work in a small space (less than 700 sq. ft).

Here's the challenge:

1) Living Room - While the color adds warmth to the space and the layout is open enough, I have large pieces of furniture that I'm bringing from my old house in Texas. I could easily buy a more streamlined, compact items; but I don't want to spend money on furniture.

2) Kitchen and Nook - Liking the glass on the cabinets and can't wait to put the colorful plates, pots and pans.

3) Bedroom - My one-dimensional bedroom.

Wish me luck! Will post pics of the place soon.

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