Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second Floor Windows

What is it with balconies that makes a woman being rescued, wooed, serenaded seem so romantic?  I mean, there's been a slew of movies with this scene - Say Anything with the boom box outside her window, Pretty Woman where Richard Gere climbs up the fire escape to rescue his princess, Carrie Bradshaw and her second or maybe third floor window (God I love that window!).  All these scenes lead me back to the story of Rapunzel - trapped in her room, then gets rescued by her prince.  This got me thinking, do I need a second floor window so I can let down my hair and let my prince charming rescue me?  I think not!  The world is our second floor window.  If you think about it, none of these women that were rescued by their prince were sitting by their window on the look out.  They were all either packing, going about their business, or making life-changing decisions.

Let's not sit by the window hoping true love will just come by with a boom box or throw stones to wake us up.  I say let's live our lives the way we normally would and if no one comes by (for now) then enjoy this time with family, girl friends, and the world!  I made the mistake of letting some guy ruin my trip to Italy last year.  During my trip all I could do was think of him and daydream about him while missing out on the amazing sights Italy had to offer.  Guess what happens when I get back from my trip?  Things go awry and ends up in shambles.  So lessons learned: we feel like crap because we allow it; we miss out on things because we don't grab it while it's in front of us; and we have the power to turn things around in our lives because we are resilient human beings.

Have a great Memorial Weeked (or what's left of it)...

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