Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Throwing Cynicism Out the Window

Up at 4am central time, I too caught the royal wedding fever.  How could I not?  It was all people talked about, especially the much anticipated wedding dress.  People speculated from the very beginning that it would be designed by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house.  Seeing Kate emerge from the Goring Hotel in her wedding dress confirming this was truly exciting.  I'm a fan of the dress - it was tasteful and elegant with modern touches that made it very youthful.  The lasting impression of Kate's wedding dress may very well be the death of the strapless wedding gown.

Photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

Beyond the wedding dress, the stunning looks of the bride and groom, and the grandness of the affair, what mattered most and what people fell in love with is the evident love that existed between the couple.  I had to throw my cynicism out the window and truly enjoyed watching them declare their love for each other with the world as their witness.  William uttering "You look beautiful..." as she stood next to him at the alter; and Kate saying "I'm so happy..." as she sat in the carriage next to her prince was truly touching and inspiring.

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