Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Fridays: High Fashion for the Little Ones

Happy Friday to all!  This is the first full week since I've organized my posts into daily themes, and I hope you've enjoyed them.

Everyone has heard of Suri Cruise's enviable closet at such a young age and her much-publicized shoe collection worth over $150,000.  But with parents like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it's no surprise that she'd be adorned with such extravagant clothes, shoes and accessories.  And it makes it even harder to resist when our own favorite designers have now ventured into the children's sector like Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and now Lanvin.

I've got to hand it to these luxury designers who always manage to make me coo over such adorable outfits (as if it was a baby or a toddler itself).  Lanvin unveiled their children's wear (for ages 4 to 10) collection this week and I must say it is absolutely gorgeous!  Most would argue that this is an absolute, over the top splurge especially for kids who practically grow by the minute.  However, it doesn't seem too bad if you purchase just one key piece like a skirt or a dress that they can use for a while and easy enough to alter as they grow older.

Emotag: Worth the splurge!

lanvin children dresses 2012
Image via stylebistro

lanvin petite kids collection by lanvin
Image via stylebistro
And when they have completely outgrown them, you can use a shadow box or a frame to serve as a keepsake or wall decor for the kid's room.   Now, you've just extended the use and that completely validates the splurge!

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